Yaan is a specialized travel company based in India that organizes luxury tours across the subcontinent for independent travellers or small groups providing a diverse view of this historical land. You may read more about us in detail below. 

Art by Olivia Fraser - Sacred Garden

Art by Olivia Fraser - Sacred Garden


We include some of the best heritage hotels in India into our itineraries along with comfortable transport and knowledgeable guides at every destination. The hotels we include are intimate yet luxurious with personalised service retaining their traditional charm. These are mostly historic havelis that have been renovated recently providing a unique experience and cosy accommodation. Depending on your budget we can include other palace or boutique hotels or alternate styles of accommodation as well. We can also look into any other travel related requests that you may have like offbeat private camping in the desert or horseback riding tours.

Why Choose Us?

Having worked in the travel industry for over a decade now, we have in-depth knowledge of the latest developments and are very well connected with some of the best hotels, discerning guides and reliable transport companies. We always recommend activities that are non-touristy and mostly genuine experiences that would give you insight into a locals way of life. After travelling extensively, we have created the most ideal itineraries based on price and services. These are fitting for travellers looking to explore India with a sophisticated level of comfort

We offer 24/7 support throughout your time with us in form of a local phone and sim card. Your accompanying guide and driver will be in constant touch with us so we can oversee all arrangements from our end during your trip. 

We also have the facilities to create personalised experiences for special occasions, honeymoons, couples, travel for business and senior travel. We have also previously curated journeys for travel photographers based on their photo stories. 

Write to us now at info@yaantours.com or call us at +91-997-138-1257 for more information.