It would be best to include either of these destinations mentioned below or any other part of India to fully experience the diversity of this country. While Rajasthan is a must visit for any traveller, with its rich cultural heritage and majestic forts and palaces, so are the other beautiful states of India offering something intriguing for every individual.


India's smallest state and the richest in terms of average per capita income, Goa's laid back atmosphere, booming culinary scene, countless number of bars and the stunning scenery and architecture never fail to delight. Write to us if you wish to spend five days at this beach destination.   



There is no other place like Ladakh. Breathtaking mountain scenery, friendly locals and Buddhist culture make this high altitude cold desert unparalleled to any other destination in India. This land of high passes is dotted with monasteries, crystal clear salt-lakes and abundant wildlife.  

kaamna hampi.png


Southernmost state with the highest literacy rate in India, Kerala is truly blessed with 600 kms of coastline to the west, lush hill stations, pristine backwaters and exotic wildlife. Also famous for its spices and Ayurvedic treatments, it's the perfect destination to rejuvenate at the end of a holiday.   


Apart from the destinations mentioned above, we can also organise journeys to any other parts of India. Please write to us at for us to create an itinerary for you or let us know what you have in mind.